Email using QuickBooks

Issue:  you set up QB to email invoices, estimates, etc, but it will not get past the password window even though you are certain the password is correct for your Gmail account. 

The issue is with the security settings within Gmail. 

If you have a Business level account with Gmail the steps are:

  1. Sign into your Gmail account.  Click on your account icon, (top right corner), and select Manage Your Account Settings. 
  2. Click Security, on the left side.  Look for and activate Less Secure App Access.  You will have to re-enter your Gmail password to get there.  (Note:  if you do not see a Less Secure App option, you do not have a Business level Gmail account).

If you have a regular Gmail account, (NOT a Business account), the steps are:

  1.  Sign into your Gmail account.  Click on the account icon.  Click to Manage Your Account Settings.
  2. Click on Security and make sure 2 Factor Authentication is turned on.  Then click to setup an App Password.
  3. Name the App, (in this case “QuickBooks”).  Then click Generate.  A password will appear.
  4. Open NotePad, (click the Search icon and type NotePad).  Title it QB email password.  Paste the password into NotePad and then Save As to the Desktop, (or an area where you can easily access it).  This generated password is only for emailing through QB and will not work anywhere else.
  5. When sending an email, QB will ask for the email password.  Paste the new password, just generated, and click to Send. 

NOTE:  While QB is open, you will not have to re-enter the password every time you want to email.  However, if you close and re-open QB, you will have to re-enter the password the first time.  You can copy and paste the generated password from the NotePad item you created earlier.