Energy Savings

With the cost of everything rising, there are some things you can do with your tech to help save some money.  Try the following:

  1.  Have your computer shutdown after Cobian runs the backup.  If your computer is a workstation saving data to another computer, shutting down will not affect the remote backup and could save you money on the electric bill.  Putting the computer to sleep is another option, however, we do not use this due to issues some systems have “waking up.”

To set this up, open Cobian, right click the task listed in the left side column and select Edit Task.  Click Events and then click Add in the bottom half of the window.  Select Shutdown the Computer.

  • Shut off all the monitors when you are finished using them.  May seem like a small thing, but it helps.  It will especially help if your office has many monitors.  Why keep them running?
  • Shut off peripherals, such as printers or standalone scanners.  In an office setting, unplug coffee pots, tv’s and other items that still use electricity while idle.

Other tips for saving money include carpooling when appropriate, slow down your driving just 5 mph, combine errands, have things delivered to you instead of making the trip to pick up, turn your heat off in the home or office, shut off lights when not in the room or if you are in a room with multiple lights, (determine which ones really help and slightly unscrew the others so they are not on).

Taking these seemingly small steps will help save you money over time.