Facebook Admin privileges gone!

You access you FB account only to find out you cannot make changes to the account.  You cannot post or put in new pictures, etc.  What happened?!

FB sent out a message some time ago that Administrators of FB pages must have 2 Factor Authentication turned on or you will be downgraded to Moderator.  A Moderator cannot make any changes to the account.  To turn on 2 Factor Authentication, (2FA), you need to click on your name in the upper right corner, then click the down arrow located further to the right.  Click on Settings & Privacy.  Then click on Settings.  On the left side column click on Settings and Login.  Scroll down to Two-Factor Authentication.  Click Edit on the right side.  Enter your FB password.  Click to turn on 2FA.  A code will be sent to your phone, (it may ask you for the number if not listed). 

Once you enter the code you will become the Administrator again and be able to post, make changes, etc.