Flip and Rotate Video Utility

Have ever created a video or downloaded a video only to find out it is upside down or rotated incorrectly?  To make it worse, the video is a clip of something that cannot be replicated, such as a graduation, event or a moment in time.  What do you do?

You can download a free flip and rotate utility that solves the problem.  Install the utility and let it run.

Once open, click in the upper left corner to select the Input file.  Browse to the file location to open.  Double click the file you want to change and it should appear in both windows in the program.  The right side is where you can rotate the video.  Once you have it looking as desired, click the top of the right side window to send it to a different location or leave the current location in place and it will save it in the same place as the original.  Click Convert.

The size of the file determines how long it takes to convert the video.