Google Bookmarks

While it is a good idea to go into the Settings of Chrome, (click the three bars in the upper right corner), and perform maintenance,  Managing Search Engines, (delete unknown or unused ones), Extensions, (removing all unwanted and unknown ones), History cleanup, (from the beginning of time), checking on the Start page and export your bookmarks, it is important to be careful what you remove…

Exporting your Bookmarks routinely will prevent you the trouble of redoing them should you accidently remove a person from the People list in Settings.  Once that is done, all bookmarks and saved information is gone.

To export them, click the three bars again and select Bookmark Manager.  Then click Organize and select the option to Export Bookmarks to HTML file.  Pick a location that is part of your normal backup profile, such as Documents. The file will be dated so you will see growing list of Bookmarks as you continue to export them.  We suggest keeping two files only and deleting the rest.