Google Chrome Crashes

When you open Google Chrome you get the “Aw Snaps” crash page.  When you try to go to another page on the internet you continue to get the crash pages.  Chrome simply does not work. 

The problem is likely a corrupt user profile that needs to be deleted and reinstalled.  This goes beyond uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome.  The steps include removing Chrome from the Program Files(x86) folder on your hard drive, as well as in the Users folders (Local and Local Low). 

Only experienced techs should assist you with these steps.

The first concern is your data within Chrome.  Do you sync your chrome profile so you can retrieve all your bookmarks, passwords, etc.?  If Chrome is working well at this time, consider setting up your profile to sync with the Google site so you can reinstall the data later on, if you are not already doing so. 

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