How to change the sensitivity of a touchpad on a laptop

When you move your hand across the touch-pad of many laptops the mouse seems to move all over.  The reason may be the sensitivity level of the device is set to high.  Reducing the sensitivity of the touch-pad will mean you will have to put more pressure on the pad to make the mouse move, however, you should be able to control the mouse pointer better.

To change the sensitivity of the touch-pad you will go to the Control Panel, click on Mouse and look for the tab that is for your device.  For example, Synaptics will have its own tab where you can make the adjustments.  Using Synaptics as the example:  Click the tab, then Settings and then look for the term Sensitivity.  Look for and click on the gear icon to the right of that term.  Here you can move the slider left, (for increased sensitivity or a lighter touch), or the the right (for less sensitivity for a heavier touch).  Make the adjustments, click Apply, but do not close the window.  Test the new settings and then make an adjustment if necessary.  Done.