Instagram & Offloading Apps (iPhones)

If you use Instagram on your iPhone issues can arise that can be frustrating.  Uploading pictures or a video can take an extraordinary amount of time.  Seems to stall uploading the files.  Attempts to stop the upload, close the program or sign out prove futile.  What solution works?  (Note:  have your username and password for Instagram handy in case you need them).

If all else fails, on the iPhone, go to Settings, General, iPhone Storage and look for Instagram. Tap it and then tap “Offload App.”  Tap Offload App again to clear it off the iPhone.  Once completed, tap to Reinstall the app.  Once completed, return to the app and the uploads should go much faster.

This solution works with other apps on the iPhone.  For example, my banking app gave an error message that got resolved after following the above steps.