iPhone backups

The screen broke on my iPhone and need to get it replaced.  As with any service to the smart phones, you want to make sure your data is backed up prior to any work being done.  Even if iCloud is used, it is a better idea to connect your iPhone to your computer and make a backup copy so that the most up to date data is included.

Once that process is complete it is a good practice to backup the backup copy of your iPhone data.  To do this you need to know where that data is stored.  Apple places that data in a hidden location so only iTunes can restore it to your new phone or current one.  To find the iPhone data and either copy it to a backup drive, or to add it to your backup profile, go to the following:  (Win Vista, 7, 8, 10):  type %appdata% in the search bar.  Double click to open the folder found.  Navigate to applecomputer\mobilesync\backup.  The folder inside contains your backup files.  (Mac) open iTune, then preferences.  Click Devices then Control-click the backup you want and select the option to Show in Folder.  In both cases, you will need to copy that folder to your backup drive.  To add it to your current backup profile, add the folder path to the backup program.  Over the next couple days, check the backup destination folders to make sure the new data is present and recent.