Making labels, (using Office version 2010 or later)

If you have a list of names and addresses compiled in Excel and wish to make labels the process can be confusing and frustrating. There are several steps that need to be taken to print your labels correctly.
First is to prepare your Excel data sheet for exporting to Word so you can print labels. Add a new row at the top of the list, (#1), by highlighting the existing first row and then clicking to Insert a new row. This results in a blank row 1. Title each column using the data in each column. For example, Name, Address, City, State and Zip. (Make sure the Zip column is formatted for zip codes or the zero will not appear). Next, save the excel sheet by naming it and saving in a place that is easy to access, such as the Desktop.
Open Word. Click on the Mailing(s) tab. Click Start Mail Merge, then click Labels. Here is where you select the label you will be using, (Avery 7160, for example). Click OK and then select, still under Start Mail Merge, Select Recipients and then Use Existing List. Find and open your list just saved to the desktop. After clicking OK, you will see the labels populate with text like “Next Record.” Now we need to insert the addresses.
Still under the Mailings tab, select Address Book. Here you will see an example of what the label will look like. If that is OK, click the button at the bottom right, Match Fields. This will show you where the data will be placed on the label. Make any changes necessary. Then click OK. Now, click Update Labels. This is a very important step often missed!! Now you will see your labels with the added text “Address Book.” Finally, click on the button in the menu to Finish and Merge, then Edit Individual Documents and the OK.
Now you are ready to print your labels! If you need to make any changes to the labels, such as delete or edit an address, you can do so right on the label sheet created in Word.
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