Moving Mac files to a PC

What should be an easy process is made difficult because of the different file types each system uses.  PC’s cannot easily read Mac files, so transferring them to a PC is not possible, unless…

There is a utility called HFSExplorer that will allow you to access data on the mac drive and extract it (copy), to your PC.  You can then access your mac data as you would any other files on the computer.

Go to Google and enter HFSExplorer.  Click on the first link, (catacombae…) and then click on the first download link for Windows, (Download installer for Microsoft Windows systems).  The download will only take a few seconds as the file is not large.

Attach your mac drive to your computer.  Either use a usb cable to attach the hard drive from the mac computer or attach the external hard drive that you used on the mac system to hold the mac data.  The PC will not recognize or read the mac drives yet, so nothing will pop up saying there is a new drive installed.  Now open and install the utility, HFSExplorer.

Once installed, click on the Program folder and select the Administrative option to run the program.  Click on File and then select to Load file from device.  A smaller window opens.  Click the AutoDetect button at the top left of the window.  That option will find the hfs hard drive and allow you to open and access the data.

Go to the folders you want to extract, (copy), and then click the Extract button.  Make sure you have a location, or new folder, to put the extracted files.  Browse to that folder and click to begin the process.  The amount of data will determine the amount of time it takes to complete.