Outlook is very slow attaching files to email

This can be one of the most frustrating issues with Microsoft Outlook. Outlook is running fine but when I try to attach a file to an email the process slows to a crawl.  Frustrating!

How to Speed up Outlook When Attaching Files to E-Mail

  • First, try to run Outlook in Safe Mode.
  • Click Start and then Run, (Win7), or use Cortana, (Win10), and type Outlook /Safe and hit Enter.  If necessary, choose your profile, (usually Outlook), and click Ok.
  • Now try to attach a file in this mode.
  • If it works fine then you will need to disable add-ins.
  • To disable add-ins, restart Outlook in normal mode.  Then click File, then Options.  Then click the Trust Center and look for your add-ins.  Click Com add-ins.  Select the check boxes to clear the add-ins and try attaching the file again.

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