Outlook keeps sending my email to the Delete folder!

Every email I get ends up in the Deleted Items folder before I have a chance to read it?

Outlook can be very temperamental sometimes.  There are many reasons why this happens, which include over-loaded primary boxes, (Inbox, Sent, Deleted and even Outbox).  Keep them clean and free of mail to insure they will not disrupt the normal flow of e-mail.

Another reason is a setting got reset by malware, virus or on purpose.  Go to your Outlook.com site and sign in.  Click the gear icon in the upper right corner and then click on Options.  In the left column look for Mail.  Then click on Inbox Rules.  There you should see the option to uncheck a rule that automatically puts all your email, (typically designated with the @ sign, as in @hotmail.com), in the Deleted Items folder.  Disabling that rule will allow your incoming mail to go directly to the Inbox.

If you have an address that you do not wish to arrive to the Inbox, you can add it to the list within this same option and any mail from that address, (@hotels.com, for example), will be automatically sent to the Deleted Items box.