Outlook: Printing Tables / Lists

The Table View option in Outlooks Printing options allows the end user to create customized views and printable formats.  The data can be displayed in a list format so that a lot of data can be seen or read in a single window or on a single page.  It is a very helpful tool.

The issue is when the Table View option is not available when you try to print, even though it may have been recently.  What happened?  Over the course of time features of programs can become corrupted.  Sometimes the corruption can be serious enough to prevent the entire program from working or the corruption can be minor enough to be an annoyance.  The solution is to close Outlook and then click on the Search bar and type Outlook /cleanview.  Try the option again in Outlook.

Resetting the view in Outlook you will wipe out any custom views you setup earlier.  The default, or factory view settings, will be the result.  This action cleans up the file and allows Outlook to behave as it was intended.  If you do not use any custom views then this action will not affect you.  Done.