Outlook PST password recovery

When you need to import data from a backup or copy of your pst file Outlook will, at times, ask for the files password.  You enter the correct password, however an error pops up stating it is the incorrect password and to try again.  You do with the same result.

There is a free recovery tool for Outlook pst files called Kernel Recovery Tools.  Click this link:  http://www.nucleustechnologies.com/Download-PST-Password-Recovery.php, or type it in the address bar, and download the Outlook PST Password Recovery. 

The first step is to make a copy of the pst file you are trying to open.  NEVER use the original file in case a problem occurs.  Next, install and then open the program.  Browse to the location you saved the copy of the file.  Click Recover and the password will appear in the white window.  Copy and Paste that onto Notepad, just in case you need to manually enter it later on.

Open Outlook and click File, Open and then Import/Export.  Move through the steps to import your data.  When the password requirement appears, enter the one discovered.  Outlook will ask a second time and then your data should be accessible.  Go to the file you created in Notepad and delete the document as the password is no longer valid.

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