Permanently delete text messages on an iPhone

In an earlier Tip we discussed how to create more space on your smart phone by removing text messages you don’t need to save.  As you may know, those messages are still stored on the iPhone data base and can be found using spotlight.  To eradicate them permanently we suggest using a free utility called PhoneClean.

The program is free, (there is a Pro version available), and installs in seconds.  You should always backup your data on the iPhone to your computer and in a folder that will not sync with your device later on, and thereby putting all the data back on to the smart phone.  Create a folder on the desktop, (right click, new and then folder).  Name it iPhone data.  Now start PhoneClean.  Follow the prompts to clean your device.

Once you are comfortable with the data left on the device, delete the folder you created earlier or leave it as permanent storage or an archive.