Photo album (creating)

One of the better FREE versions of photo book making software is Canva.

Find all the photos you want in the album.  Remember where they are located on the computer.  It is best to “pre-order” the photos so you can click and drag them quickly.

Go to on your computer or iPad, (this is not for an iPhone)

Click Start Designing a Photo Book. 

Choose a template from the left side column

On the very right column, select the Upload option

Here is where you can select photos to include in your album.

Find the first photo to use and drag it to the blank page.

If you want text, click the Text icon on the left side, then click Add a text box.

The text box will appear in the center of the picture.  Type what you want and then click to drag to another position if you like.  You can change the font size and color by using the menu options at the top of the page.

Repeat these steps until all your pictures are in the album. 

Click the Preview button in the upper right side to review what you just created and make changes where needed.  Move through the album by clicking the arrows on the left and right side of the pages

Download the file to your desktop, (Computer only), by clicking Share in the upper right corner, then Download. 

Go to Downloads on your computer and move the file if needed.  There are other ways to share the album if you want to.  Click the More option at the bottom of the Share menu.

Always Save your work.  Click File, in the upper left corner, to find the Save option.

Bookmark the site for later access and to create new albums.

NOTE:  Play with the other features to find interesting ways to share your designs and pictures.