Use Strong Passwords to Prevent Identity Theft

We all love to share what is happening in our lives on platforms such as Facebook.  There is nothing wrong with sharing IF you are careful doing so.  Here are some ideas to help protect yourself on social media, using Facebook as the example.  Other platforms have security measures you can take as well, however, implementing them will take a different set of steps. 

Protect with strong passwords.  You have read it in these posts before, use strong passwords on everything.  A great password should be a set of three words from your life experience.  A High School mascot, plus a name of your first job, plus the model of your favorite car, for example.  Three random terms out of your life will be very difficult for hackers to decipher.  You can enhance the password by replacing letters with symbols.  @ for a; 4 for h; 3 for e, etc.  We suggest creating a set of six passwords using the same three terms with a mix of capital letters and symbols.  Do not use the same password for every site, rather, use different passwords from this list. 

Write them down and store them in a safe place in case you, or a loved one, need to reference them.