Credit Card Skimming and Preventing Identity Theft

Online shopping is very convenient and easy.  It is also the best way to get hacked.  We use our personal information and credit card data to purchase items.  Most online sites have taken additional steps to protect your data when you buy, however, hackers are constantly coming up with new ways to get your information.

E-skimming is when a hacker skims your credit card information while your are shopping online.  You do not even know it is happening at the time.  They do this by using “tricky bits of code” while they lay in wait for your data.  To protect yourself better, NEVER shop on sites that not secure.  Secure sites will have HTTPS: at the start of the url, (web address).  If the site you are shopping is not secure then find your item elsewhere. 

Beware of coupons offering incredible discounts, yet require your credit card information.  Consider not using your credit card to purchase online.  Use a cash card you can purchase at any grocery store for example.  You can, for a couple dollars, purchase a Visa cash card for the amount you need.  Use PayPal.  Sign up and setup your account.  Lastly, use store gift cards, or site cards such as Amazoncash.