Quick Tip: Ccleaner

Ccleaner, downloaded from this link:   https://chapinbusiness.com/?page_id=298  is a great utility that will help keep your computer clean and free of the things that ails our systems.  Some of the features can be set to make it easier to use.

Open Ccleaner and click on Options, (left side column), and then click on Settings, (top of the list).  Click the radial button next to Custom Clean under the heading Ccleaner Home Screen.  When you now open it the program goes directly to the area where you can click “Run Cleaner.”

Next, run the Registry cleaner by clicking on the Registry button on the left side column.  Click Scan for Issues button on the bottom left.  When complete, I always save a copy of the registry by clicking through the prompts to do so. 

Under the Tools section, (also on the left side column), click Startup to disable unwanted/un-needed programs from starting up with the boot of the system. This will save boot time and resources the system uses to operate.

Over-all a great program to have and use at least once per week!  Keep the free version by ignoring the ads that come with it.  It’s the price of “free.”