QuickBooks Tip

Most Companies are emailing their invoices.  Saves paper, good for the environment and saves money.  How do we change what is pre-written in the body of the email?  By default, the email message that comes pre-loaded cannot be altered.  You will need to create a new template to use.

Open your QuickBooks file.  Click on Edit/Preferences/Send Forms/Company Preferences and then click Add Template at the bottom of the small window.  Here you can create a new email template with the text you want. 

First, name the template.  Then create the text by either deleting the prompts that are there and writing what you want, or fill in the prompts.  Save it when you are finished.  You will then see your new template on a list of available ones.  The new one should be set as default.  You can create additional templates tailored to your clients.  To change which to use, click the down arrow on the right side of the Template line, (4th one down), at the email window.  Done.