Ransomware Protection

If this has happened to you then you understand the devastation this can have on your business or home files.  Ransomware gets onto your system through seemingly innocent online behavior.  The virus can come to your computer by downloading a file, attachment or even an infected toolbar or extension.  The following should be done to protect your files.

Open Windows Defender.  Scroll to the bottom and click on the Ransomware protection link:  Manage ransomware protection.  Click to turn on Controlled folder access.  Click to add Protected Folders.  If your folder is not listed, then do so by clicking on the gray button to Add a protected folder.

Next, go back one step to Allow an app through Controlled folder access.  In this case, add the Cobian.exe file so the backup will read/write to the designated folder.  This action is called white listing.  Add other programs to allow them to operate, such as QB.  You can add them as you need to because an error message will appear for any program that is not on the list.