Remove duplicate photos on iPhone and Android

How to remove duplicate photos on iPhone

  1. In Photos, tap Albums
  • Scroll to Utilities and tap Duplicates 
  • On a duplicate photo, tap Merge 

1. Open Photos and tap Albums.

 2. Scroll down to the updates section and tap Duplicates.

3. On a duplicate photo, tap Merge. Then tap Merge again to confirm. This will merge the highest-quality duplicates. 

Super simple, and now you have a camera roll to be proud of! If for some reason you want to restore a duplicate photo just check the recently deleted folder. 

How to remove duplicate photos on an Android

Android phones differ in certain ways depending on their manufacturer, but most Android users are likely to be using Google Photos. You may not realize it, but Google Photos actually has duplicate detection built in: If you try and upload an image that’s exactly the same as an image already in your library, then it won’t be saved. (You can test this feature by copying an image on a computer, and then trying to upload both copies to Google Photos on the web.)

If you do spot photos that look identical in Google Photos, they’re probably just very similar, or set to different sizes. It’s also worth bearing in mind that while Google Photos won’t upload the same photo twice to the cloud, this doesn’t affect the images stored locally on your phone, so duplicates might creep in here. For example, you might have taken a photo and then sent it on through a messaging app, which would create its own backup of the file.

To check for duplicate files (including photos) on an Android handset, you can use Files by Google. Open up the app, then tap the Clean icon on the toolbar at the bottom. If there are indeed duplicate files on your phone, you should see a prompt to delete them with a Select files button: Tap this and you can pick which duplicates you want to delete. To erase them all, pick All duplicates. Note that only the file copies will be wiped—the originals will be left intact.

Samsung offers a similar feature on its Galaxy phones through the Samsung My Files app. Scroll down on the front screen of the app, then choose Manage storage and Duplicate files. If there are any duplicates on your handset, you’ll be able to see them alongside the originals in a list: Select the copies that you want to get rid of, then tap the Delete icon at the bottom.