Scanning Tip (Windows)

A great solution to many scanning issues is the Microsoft Scan App.  You can download it from the MS Store or search for it online.  Once downloaded, click to install the application.  Then run it afterwards.  It should detect your existing hardware for scanning.  The program will use default settings when started for the first time.  These are some changes I would make to the settings.

First, is the location of the scanned files.  You can keep it, then place a shortcut to it on the desktop, (easiest solution), or change the location of the files.  To change the location of the files, click on Show More, then Scans.  This is where you can send the scanned files to by clicking on the folder you want.  Keep in mind the change should hold for future scanning.

Second is the ability to scan multiple pages into a single file.  The default File Type is .png.  That setting will not scan multiple pages into a single file.  Change it to .pdf. To do this, click Show More and then click the arrow to the right of File Type.  Click PDF.  That type will remain until changed.

Scanning doesn’t need to be difficult using this app.  It recognizes most manufacturers without their annoying software.

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