Remote Maintenance

Many computer issues can be prevented by performing routine maintenance on the computers.  The issue many have is remembering to do the work and what to look for.  We have developed this plan to alleviate that problem with the goal of saving our customers money over the course of a year.  Here is how it works:

  • Sign up for one of three programs

a) $200.00 per year, 4 remote sessions, (quarterly)

b) $350.00 per year, 8 remote sessions, (every 6 weeks)

c)  $500.00 per year, 12 remote sessions, (every month)

  • The first session is when we install our software and conduct Maintenance. We then schedule the next session and will call you ahead of time to confirm the best time for you to have the work done.  The only time you will devote to our program is to activate our software.  The entire session may take between 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Payment for all programs is typically paid up front, however, there are optional payment plans available that can be discussed at the time you sign up.
  • Benefits of signing up:
    1. Discounts on significant and necessary computer repairs
    2. Your choice to use a session(s) as credit towards any repair work. (For example:  if your computer needs a refit that cost $238.00 and you signed up for Plan A, the session credit would be $50, (200 / 4), making the refit cost $188.00.  Plan B would allow for two credits, ($87.50); Plan C would allow for three credits, ($125.00)).  Using credits means less remote in sessions for the current year.
    3. Reducing your annual computer repair costs, keeping your system fine-tuned and running fast.
  • Security concerns everyone. It is why we will not be able to access your computer without your knowledge and permission.  Permission is granted to us by you once you activate the software allowing remote access.

Signing up is easy!  Call us for an appointment to get started right away!   203-262-1869