Streaming Apps Stop Working

For a few days now you can only access the applications on your streaming device but not any content.  For example, you open Paramount+, scroll to a series or movie, click to play but it buffers forever!  This happens on multiple devices throughout the home and with different apps.  However, some apps do work.  What is happening?!

At first we tried increasing our internet speed.  That was a great thing to do anyhow, however, it did not solve the issue.  Then we restarted/reset our Roku, Apple TV boxes and other streaming devices we have.  Finally, we factory reset the devices and installed new clean apps.  (We also got rid of apps we do not need or use). 

Finally, what worked was resetting the security on our, (mesh), wifi system.  This applies to many mesh devices, (routers and extenders too), however, ours is an eero system.  Once we recalibrated the security of the eero, all apps started working again.

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