Task Scheduler Corrupt

A scheduled task is a very convenient way to get things done on a computer without having to remember to do them.  Many items can be checked off the “to do list” by simply having it listed as a scheduled task.  At a designated time and day that task is completed.  What happens when the specific task you are asking the system to perform doesn’t.

The task has become corrupt and needs to be replaced.  When you open the Task Scheduler you may receive a bunch of error messages telling you the various task are corrupt.  To get rid of them and install a replacement task do the following:

With the Task Scheduler open and the error showing, open the C drive.  Click on Windows, then System32, then Tasks.  Towards the bottom of the list are the tasks.  Look for the ones named on each error that pops up.  Right click the task and delete it.  Once all the corrupted tasks are gone you can close the Task Scheduler and reopen to see if there are any errors you missed.  If you get a clean opening then recreate the tasks you need most.