Windows 10 Tweaks

There are a lot of nice things about Windows 10.  The interface is better than Win8 and the speed has improved at startup.  Here are several items you can tweak to make the new operating system more to your liking. You can customize the start menu.  First, it is nice to have it back.  What … Read more

Office 2013 error message

When you click on a file shortcut to open a document or excel data sheet you get the error “this is only for valid office products…”   You have Office installed on the system, but get the error message anyhow. In this case, the error was caused by having more than one version of Office installed … Read more

Outlook PST password recovery

When you need to import data from a backup or copy of your pst file Outlook will, at times, ask for the files password.  You enter the correct password, however an error pops up stating it is the incorrect password and to try again.  You do with the same result. There is a free recovery … Read more

Quickbooks running in the background

You have QuickBooks on your computer.  When you are done using the software you close it out.  Sometimes when you try to open it again the response is its already running.  But its not. Yes it is.  QuickBooks addressed concerns about the software taking too long to open by leaving the executable file running after … Read more


If you have just updated your Mac system to Yosetime, (10.10.3), and were using an older document producing program, such Apple Works, you will have to update the program to view, edit and print your AW docs. The recommended program to use is LibreOffice.  It is a free upgrade and will read all AppleWorks 6 … Read more

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