ICloud Syncing

In this case we have several mac computer systems that sync photos to an iCloud account.  An iPhone is the device used primarily to take pictures and sync to iCloud.  The problem is the iPhone will not sync new pictures to the cloud.  This problem can be caused by a couple factors.  The most common … Read more

What is my Wi-Fi password?

It is easy to do.  Forgetting the Wi-Fi password is a common occurrence.  There are several ways to find out what the password is.  Try these steps: Is it the default password?  If so, then it is probably written on the side or bottom of your wireless device.  Look there first.  Did you change it … Read more

QuickBooks error when opening

If you get: Error: QuickBooks can’t complete the current action due to a missing component:  Missing pdf file component, there are three steps to take in order to resolve the issue.  The error causes you to be unable to email invoices, print in pdf format and other printing problems.  First, update your version of QB … Read more

Quick Tip: QuickBooks Invoice Font Size

If the default font settings for invoices in QB is not want you want, change it.  Log in as Admin.  Open any invoice.  Click on the Formatting menu option at the top.  Click Customize Data Layout.  Then click on Layout Designer button at the bottom.  Right click the box where you want the font to … Read more

Quick Tip: Ccleaner

Ccleaner, downloaded from this link:   http://chapinbusiness.com/?page_id=298  is a great utility that will help keep your computer clean and free of the things that ails our systems.  Some of the features can be set to make it easier to use. Open Ccleaner and click on Options, (left side column), and then click on Settings, (top of … Read more

Automatic Date setting in Word

When you receive an attached word document and download it, the date on the document changes to the current date.  What if I need the original date to stay? The feature you are referring to is found in the menu option Insert. Then click Date and Time, (located in the text section of the ribbon).  … Read more

QuickBooks Tip

Most Companies are emailing their invoices.  Saves paper, good for the environment and saves money.  How do we change what is pre-written in the body of the email?  By default, the email message that comes pre-loaded cannot be altered.  You will need to create a new template to use. Open your QuickBooks file.  Click on … Read more

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

After finally upgrading my computer from Win7 to Win10 the Adobe Reader program opens one file and then will not open any others or create pdf files.  The program just does nothing when I click to use. The solution is to disable Protected Mode.  First, make sure you can open Reader DC.  If you cannot, … Read more

Quick Desktop View, (Peek)

If you want to quickly view your desktop without having to minimize the many windows that are open, you can do so.  First, click on the Start button and click the gear icon for Settings.  Then click Personalization, then Taskbar, (at the bottom).  Then click to turn on “Use Peek to preview the desktop…” Now … Read more

“Secret” Start Menu (Win10)

This one is easy.  If you are a fan of the “old school” Start menu you can have it back, (almost).  Hover your mouse over the start button and right click.  A textual menu appears, just as it used to. Of course all of these items are available through the standard menu, however, you will … Read more