Removing hyperlinks in Excel (2010 and later)

Excel will automatically add a hyperlink to, for example, an email address you have entered on a spreadsheet for reference.  Problem is, the hyperlink is never used and if accidently “rolled over” will open the default mail app to send an email.  Can be frustrating. The solution is simple.  Click on any cell in the … Read more

QuickBooks Error and Internet Explorer

When you open QB you get an error stating Internet Explorer has been removed and needs to be reinstalled in order for QB to open.  Click Okay and it closes.  A recent Windows 10 update caused IE to be removed in favor of Microsoft Edge.   To resolve the issue and continue to use QB follow … Read more

Good Computing Habits

Practicing good computing habits is a great way to keep the system running as expected and will allow it to run faster and cleaner.  Listed below are some of the ways you can practice good computing skills. Run your scans.  Weekly use of SuperAntiSpyware,(SAS), Ccleaner, (Cc), and Malwarebytes, (Mbam), will help keep the “bad” stuff … Read more

Metered Windows Updates Generally speaking, Windows 10 will update automatically.  What happens when the updates cause issues on our systems?  Can we turn it off? Go to Settings, (gear icon), Updates and Security, Advanced options and select to turn On “Download updates over metered connections.”  This action “disables automatic downloading of most Windows updates.”  The … Read more

Windows 10 update issue Windows 10 will automatically update security for the operating system.  Unfortunately, some of those updates can cause issues, particularly with sharing printers over a network.  If you use a printer that is shared from another computer on your network and that printer simply stopped working for attached computers, the Windows security … Read more

Facebook, (FB), Admin privileges gone!

You access you FB account only to find out you cannot make changes to the account.  You cannot post or put in new pictures, etc.  What happened?! FB sent out a message some time ago that Administrators of FB pages must have 2 Factor Authentication turned on or you will be downgraded to Moderator.  A … Read more

Maximizing the Minimized

When you open a program it will minimize right away to the start bar and you cannot get the program to show on the screen.  It just sits there, minimized!  Some programs simply react this way for a number of reasons.  The work around for this issue: With the program seemingly minimized, hold the arrow … Read more

Using Outlook with a third party E-Mail

For a lot of people, Outlook is the preferred software for looking at email and storing it.  The format is something people like.  Setting a third party email, such as Gmail, can be configured so you get the ease of Gmail and the structure of Outlook.  What happens when you need to change your password? … Read more

Streaming Apps Stop Working

For a few days now you can only access the applications on your streaming device but not any content.  For example, you open Paramount+, scroll to a series or movie, click to play but it buffers forever!  This happens on multiple devices throughout the home and with different apps.  However, some apps do work.  What … Read more