Ways to maximize your phone battery

Recently we read an article from the energy company, Constellation, about the different methods to use for preserving your cell phone battery.  Here is what we found.

  1.  Update your phone’s software.  Updates can improve your phone’s efficiency, including battery usage.
  2. Enable “Low Power Mode.”  This feature increases your phone’s performance by reducing display brightness and closing background functions.
  3. Turn off Raise to Wake.  iPhones have this feature set by default.  Tpo turn off, go to Settings, Display to turn off.
  4. Dim the display.  Find the correct brightness level for you and add an hour to your battery life by dimming the display.
  5. Quit apps when you are not using them.  Every open app uses energy and reduces battery life.  Swipe to close those not in use.
  6. Replace the battery in older phones to rejuvenate your older phone.  Old batteries do not hold a charge very long.
  7. For older phones, do not leave it plugged in all night.  Once an older phone is fully charged, the device continues to receive small trickles of power every time the battery charge dips below %100.  In newer phones, this has been resolved by changing the way the Lithium batteries operate.