What is my Wi-Fi password?

It is easy to do.  Forgetting the Wi-Fi password is a common occurrence.  There are several ways to find out what the password is.  Try these steps:

  1. Is it the default password?  If so, then it is probably written on the side or bottom of your wireless device.  Look there first. 
  2. Did you change it to a unique password?  If so, you can access the information from an already connected device.  Right click on the network connection icon located near the time and date in the lower right corner of the screen.  Click on Network and Internet Center.  Then click on Change Adapter Options.  Right click on the connected adapter.  Click Status, then click on Details.  The IPv4 Default Gateway is the ip address to use.  Write it down.
  3. Open a browser.  Enter the ip address in the address bar.  Enter the username and password to the device.  The defaults are admin and password.  If you do not know them, then move on to the next step.  If successful, look for Wireless Security and you will see the password in that window.
  4. If you cannot get into the router, you can find the saved password on an already wirelessly connected computer, such as a laptop.  To do this, again go to the Adapters page, (step 2), and right click the wireless adapter.  Click Status, then click wireless properties and then click on the security tab.  You will see the password “starred out.”  Click to show the password. 
  5. If you have a smart phone, (iPhone in this example), that has the connection, you can find out your passwords by going to Settings, Passwords and Accounts and then Website & App Passwords.  There you can see ALL your saved passwords.  Not listed?  Go to step 6.
  6. Last option is to reset the router to factory settings.  This is a last resort option as all saved settings will revert to factory default settings.  Most people will not be affected by resetting the router, however, you should make sure there are not special settings, such as port forwarding or VPN settings.  To reset the router, most models have a pin hole with which a paper clip end can be used to reset it.  Stick the paper clip into the pin hole for ten seconds.  The lights on the router will flash.  Remove the paper clip.  Now unplug both the router and modem.  Leave both off for a few minutes.  Plug the modem in first.  After the modem booted up, reinsert the paper clip into the router pin hole hold it there. Turn on the router.  Keep it “pinned” for a few seconds then release.  The router should be reset.  If that fails to reset, repeat. Now the default username and password should work when you enter the IP address (Step 2).  If you are unsure of the default u/n and p/w, Google your model of router, (Netgear N600 default login, for example)