Windows 10 Personalized (Ver 1809)

The default settings in Windows 10 can be altered to reflect your own tastes.  For example, the mode for the windows is either light or dark.  The default is light, however, dark mode may be better for your eyesight, especially at night, (ironically).  Another option are the colors of the title bars, windows borders, start, the taskbar and action center.

To test which color is best for you, place your mouse in an open area of the desktop and right click.  Select Personalize and then Colors, (scroll down for that…).  You can make your choices by clicking on a color first, then checking an item.  For example, click the dark blue square and then check the box, or boxes, for it to take effect.

The option to for light and dark mode cannot be altered other than white or black.  Dark mode has more of a contrast between letters and background so it may be easier on the eyes.

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