Windows 10 Tips – Privacy

With over 200 million devices running Win10 it may help to know there are a several tips that can make the OS easier and more convenient.  This is the second in a series of Tips that will allow the end user to customize Win10 to their liking.

This version of Windows stores more data about you than previous versions.  Cortana collects data about your computer habits to make it easier and more efficient.  The more Cortana knows about you the better able it is to offer suggestions or recommendations.  However, some of those settings can be… unsettling!

The options to turn on or off Privacy is located right on the Start Menu.  Click Start, then Settings and then Privacy.  There you will see many options to tweak your level of privacy.  Take your time and go through each one.  If, after you have made the changes, you want the settings, or some of them, back the way they were, return to the page and reset them.