Windows 10 Tips – Start Menu

With over 200 million devices running Win10 it may help to know there are a several tips that can make the OS easier and more convenient.  This is the first in a series of Tips that will allow the end user to customize Win10 to their liking.

Starting with the Start menu, you can click on the start button you see several tiles on the right side.  They are called Live Tiles.  If you do not want the tiles to show, simply right click each one and select Unpin from Start Menu.  Doing so will make the start menu more efficient by leaving only those programs you have recently, or frequently used.  To add an icon to the start menu, right click the program icon and drag it to the start menu area and select pin to start menu.  You can also resize the entire menu by right clicking each tile and select resize.  Making them smaller will allow you to add more icons in less space.

The programs listed on the top of the start menu are titled “most used.”   If the icon is not already part of the Live Tiles, drag it to the right, click add to start menu, resize and move it to the desired space.  You can group certain icons together to make it more efficient using them.