Windows 10 Tweaks

There are a lot of nice things about Windows 10.  The interface is better than Win8 and the speed has improved at startup.  Here are several items you can tweak to make the new operating system more to your liking.

You can customize the start menu.  First, it is nice to have it back.  What is better is that you can make it your own by doing some simple things.  Add programs or files and even folders by right clicking them and selecting “Pin to Start.”  Once you see them on the menu you can group them or move them to any place on the menu.

Manage Updates better.  Although you can no longer turn them off, you manage them by clicking Start and then Settings.  Click Update and Security and select the windows update option.  Here you can tell the system to automatically update and restart or do so manually.

Control Panel is still here!  We all love the control panel because it puts everything in one place.  To access it just right click the start button and click Control Panel.

Windows Explorer is still here too!  Right click the start button and select File Explorer.  Even better, there is now Explorer in every explorer window to search the drive.  It is at the top right corner making it easy to access.

Alt Tab still operates allowing you to tab through the open windows.  However now there is now a task view just to the right of the search icon.  Click it and get a view of all the open windows.  Click the one you want.