Windows 10: Where’s my desktop?!

When you boot your system the desktop does not load, however, the tile view is active.  Tile view is very similar to Windows 8.  In fact, Win10 was built to look more like Win7 and less like the Win8 tile view.

There is a feature in Windows 10 that allows those users, who “loved” the Windows 8 visuals, to revert to that type of view, known as Tablet view.  When turned on, you will see your apps menu appear as tiles on the desktop.  Turn off the Tablet view to return the desktop to its “normal” state.

When in Tablet view, there is an icon near the clock, (lower right corner) that will show mini tiles, some in the active state of blue and some in the inactive state of black.  Click the Tablet tile to make it black and deactivate the feature.  Your desktop returns.  Done.