Zoom and Screen Resolution

If you have a wide screen monitor then you understand the frustration of changing your screen resolution to get the online resolution to be larger and better able to read or to play games.  For example, if you play some of the online games, the game board, (such as Monopoly), is too small to enjoy playing on.  You want to enlarge it.  Absent any screen adjustments built into the program, you are forced to lower your screen resolution to achieve your goal.  Doing so creates the other problem of the viewable area of the wide screen is now smaller.

To resolve this, leave the screen resolution as is.  Click the zoom option in your browser to adjust the size of the program you are playing.  In the case of the Monopoly board, we used Chrome.  We clicked on the three dots in the upper right corner and found a Zoom option, with the scale right there.  We adjusted it our desired size and played on.  Note:  the zoom setting stayed in place.  The next time we clicked to use Chrome the settings were as we had left them.  If necessary, you can readjust them easily.